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Articles, chat and one on one advice that goes beyond just putting food on the table. We all know that the kitchen is the heart of the house, producing food for the body and food of the soul. In this section you will find featured articles as well as our musings about nourishing love, and about simple living and health.

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Recipe archives, the special "How-to's" Ellen calls forms, and family-size recipes of all variety. The wheat meat/ seitan collection and crock pot collections are here, also ethnic, vegetarian and omnivorous recipes.

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A section for current vegan recipes from my favorite vegan community. Also, Ellen's soy food and soy dairy notes, with tofu, okara and soy yogurt making. Every recipe taste tested, mild and delicious.

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If quantity cooking was as simple as multiplication, life would be easier all around. However, as anyone put in the place of converting a recipe for two into something that will feed the whole family reunion or a cafeteria of hungry kids will know -- life is not that simple.
Individual large recipes, meal/event planning guides and menus, buying guides, freezer cooking (OAMC), planning tools, and equipment suggestions for large scale meals.

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Here you will find "Facts and faqs" of all variety. Information about nutrients; current conversations and controversies about food and health; also Ellen's bio, a little history about the Kung Fu Natural Foods Restaurant and Cookbook, a behind the scenes intro into cooking for vegans/vegetarians, and so on, and so forth.

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Dry stuff, storage and safety, equivalents and substitutions, planning and buying. Who could ask for more from a pantry? Ellen could -- and does. Hints and tips? Energy saving? Make-at-home methods for those costly convenience or speciality foods and products? You will find that material in this section, and more.

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Gardening for the kitchen has many special considerations that can easily be overlooked by one's standard truck gardener. Here you will find out about herbs, worms and much more.

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Recipe software, cookbook reviews, Ellen's favorite links, cyberkitchen and more.

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Bulletin board, discussion list, recipe request, cooks chat forum and thoughts for the day. You know the old expression -- "It takes two to tango." Two- or more- cooks in the kitchen can be a beautiful dance- not necessarily a recipe for disaster. Come and compare notes. We'll put a pot of coffee on to brew and have us a little sit down.
In the curriculum vitae modello italiano , you can post a recipe request or any question that could use a public answer.

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Click Ellen's Kitchen Updates to request updates, suggest new topics or report a broken link, comment, or question. Put "updates" in the subject line if you are requesting updates. PLEASE send questions separately from update requests.

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